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Testimonials for C & R Trailer & RV Center

Wes and Gloria - Far West, UT - d dkfj dlfkj

We bought a lot of trailers throughout our lives and this was the best time, best deal, everything around, best experience we’ve ever had. We bought a a trailer about 6 years ago from somewhere else and it was a horrible, disaster, worst expereience ever. We lived in a hotel more than in the RV. We spent way too much money on it. Then we bought one here, hardly paid any money and its been awesome. So we’re gonna come back and buy another one, maybe one of the ultra lites, plus we want one of these trucks…

The Hillis's - Penrose, UT - d dkfj dlfkj

We’ve never had a complant about them, they’re good kids . We’ve bought our cars from them and a camper, I guess you’d say we’re pretty good customers. We come in all the time whenever we can’t figure out how to run the car and they show us how to do it.

Karen and Harold - Tremonton, UT - d dkfj dlfkj

I’ve always had good luck with C&R, really good. They’re really good to work with, and I don’t think they’re prices are out of reason. We bought a trailer in Arizona a while back and I wish we never did. But C&R does all the service on it and winterizes it and all. They’ve treated us really well.

Landon and Stacey - Tremonton, UT - d dkfj dlfkj

As far as price goes, we got a really good deal, compaired to what we looked at around the country. Price wise they did a really good job. We are very happy with our RV with with bunk beds.

Junior and Cherie - Tremonton, UT - d dkfj dlfkj

They’re top notch people. So accommodating; anything you want they’ll find for you, I learned that years ago.

AJ - Riverton, UT - d dkfj dlfkj

The people at C&R are so helpful. Even though I live in the Salt Lake area, whenever I need anything, they get it for me. I buy my cars and trailers from here because they are reliable and fast and they get me what I want at a good price.

Roger and Rose - Garland, UT - Garland, UT sd sd

We bought a trailer from C&R and they've treated us just great. Anything we need they do it. They’re good to us, fine people. Our favorite place to take our RV is up to our 5 acre lot up near Lava Hot Springs.

Johnsons, Pleasant View, UT - - - -

We own a trailer and we come here all the time because the service is excellent.